“INVISIBLE” Episode II: Back in the Fold | VR Miniseries Directed by Doug Liman

“INVISIBLE” Episode II: Back in the Fold | VR Miniseries Directed by Doug Liman

This is the 2nd of 5 episodes from VR Miniseries “INVISIBLE”, the first scripted narrative-driven VR series. “INVISIBLE” is directed by Bourne Identity and Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman. The series is created by 30 Ninjas — a digital entertainment company formed by Liman and producer Julina Tatlock — with Conde Nast Entertainment, VR startup Jaunt and Samsung, supported by presenting sponsor Lexus.

We are honoured that Mettle 360/VR plugins were instrumental in the post-production.
Watch episode 1: Ripped From Reality

Invisible, II: Back in the Fold

Tatiana discovers that she has inherited the family fortune and is left to run the family business so she must return to the US. Before she leaves, she gets a message from her grandfather, taped just before he died, who suspects that her great-uncle is trying to kill him. He also shares that she and her brother have a cousin, Susan, who carries the invisible gene. He fears his brother is after her

INVISIBLE is the first scripted narrative driven VR series.

30 Ninjas is an award-winning digital entertainment company that develops, writes and produces dynamic and engaging VR, multi-platform and interactive content. Projects have been nominated for several Emmy Awards and have won Shorty, Social TV Grand Prize and other well-regarded industry awards.

Doug Liman is a director-producer. In 2000 he produced and directed the Bourne Identity which spawned a five movie franchise including Jason Bourne currently in theaters (he stayed on as a producer for the sequels). His other credits include Swingers, Go, Mr and Mrs Smith, Jumper, Live Die Repeat (Edge of Tomorrow), and two movies due out in the next year: American Made with Tom Cruise and the Wall with Aaron Taylor Johnson and John Cena. He is also Executive Producer of the critically acclaimed hit tv series Suits which is in it’s sixth season on USA Networks.

Mettle 360/VR plugins used in the production:

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