Mettle creates software tools that complement and extend your workflow and creativity in After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Working remotely? You can access your Mettle software from another computer.

FreeForm Pro > Primitives, with 360° Sphere (made in Mantra) as texture.

Mantra V2: Step into AR content creation in After Effects and Premiere Pro.

“Surface Tension” > FreeForm Pro + Mantra

From the first encounter with Mettle products, it was clear to me that the creators of this software have been thinking about utilizing it primarily from a creative side, and I think that you have succeeded in making your software the most intuitive on the market at the moment. That is for us, artists, of vital importance in the process of creation.”
Dejan Radovanovic, Director, Studio UMMAGUMMA

“Welcome to Jonathan” > FreeForm Pro + Mantra

“Mettle has my favorite plugins… it has allowed me to create so many different kinds of looks. It has added a huge amount of creativity to my work flow.”
– Johnathan Singer, Live Visual Artist

“LAS FAFINETTE STAR” By Fafi  > Adobe Immersive Tools (formerly SkyBox)

 FLUX feels like science fiction after so many years wishing that I could have a tool like this. … I finally get to play with fractal flames, I get to render them in stereo 360º, I can use match moved cameras, and I can actually interactively tweak the parameters. Every time I use Flux I still have to pinch myself that it is real – that it is actually doing what it does. “
– Andy Cochrane, Immersive Content Creator

Mettle Milestones:

Adobe and Mettle: 360 degrees better.

Adobe acquires Mettle SkyBox. In the Press.

Mettle Collaborates with Facebook on Depth-based Software.

Included in the SkyBox acquisition. Read More.