SkyBox VR Player


A free plugin that connects your Oculus Rift to Adobe After Effects + Adobe Premiere Pro.

Supported headsets: DK2 (Mac/WIN), CV1 (WIN)


Product Description

Preview your 360° content as you work in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, through your Oculus RIFT. The free plugin supports DK2 (Mac + WIN) and CV1 (WIN)

• Speed up your 360/VR production workflow – no rendering necessary to preview 360° content.

• Two view modes: 360 + workspace.

• Includes a virtual keyboard!

• Designed to work with Mettle 360/VR plugins for Adobe software.

*Requires an Oculus Rift (not included). Compatibility: After Effects CC 2014 + later, and Premiere Pro CS6 + later (WIN).

Mettle SkyBox VR Player | Overview by Nick Harauz

The most complete set of 360/VR production tools available for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. Learn More.

“Throughout my work in After Effects I nearly never took off my Oculus Rift. Thanks to Mettle Skybox VR Player plugin I was able quickly preview my work in VR without the need of rendering. It helped me identify and fix problems extremely quickly by simply looking around the scene. This project, (The Pull) in fact, was the very first time I felt like the tools were ready for my ideas and did not require hacking and brute-forcing.” – Quaba Michalski

The Pull

Mettle SkyBox VR Player 

How SkyBox VR Player Works (DK2 Version shown below)

The player downloads and installs like a plugin. Once installed, the interface window appears when you launch your Adobe software. Follow the settings below to customise your interface:

Display Mode – select active display mode
(default is “Workspace Mode”):

1. 360 Mode: View your creation in 360° space (Spherical) in your Rift

2. Workspace Mode: Work in After Effects or Premiere Pro. Great for tweaking things while wearing your Rift.

Rift. Excellent for tweaking & “in-context” editing and design decisions.

Playback Device – select active output device: “Oculus Rift” or “None” to stop rendering to your Oculus Rift.

Hot Corner – select a corner in your display to enable quick switching between 360 Mode

and the Workspace Mode. Place your cursor in the selected corner to enter into 360 Mode.

Move the cursor out of the corner to go back to Workspace Mode.

Default setting for the “Hot Corner” is Bottom Right.


Zooming. To zoom in/out in Workspace Mode click on the preview image in the VR Player UI and scroll on it using the middle mouse button.

Positional Tracking. We have enabled the positional tracking features in the Rift. If you lean into/move back from your screen, then you will get the expected result… much like you would when you lean into a physical monitor.


Press spacebar to recenter the Rift’s orientation (SkyBox VR Player window should be selected and in focus).
Closing the SkyBox VR Player preview window. It is safe to close preview window, if you don’t need it. Rendering to Rift will continue even if window is closed. “Hot Corner” will continue to work, too.

To re-open the SkyBox VR Player window:

1. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Video Preview (or Edit -> Preferences -> Playback)
2. Select SkyBox VR Player in the list of Video Devices and press “Setup”.