Mantra VR


360/VR Stylization + FX for After Effects and Premiere Pro.

A set of 16 filters with practical and artistic effects, with a Node Panel, Audio Reactivity and Globe Preview Panel.

Version 1.0  Mac/WIN



Product Description

360/VR Drag-and-Drop effects to quickly transform your 360 footage into highly stylized sequences.

Getting Started with Mantra VR

  • Quick and Easy way to add high-end production value to your cinematic 360/VR project.

  • 16 drag-and-drop Stylization Effects

  • Includes a Node based U.I. to stack and re-order the Effects, to quickly produce different results.

  • Works with both 2D & 360 Footage in close to Realtime

  • Stereo (over/under) and Mono

  • License key works in both After Effects and Premiere Pro, Mac and WIN

Customer Samples

Camera Movement in Post | Mantra VR > Mobius Zoom. 360° “Dolly In” effect in Post. Video courtesy “Chasing the World VR”.

8K 360° Victoria Falls courtesy Air Pano  | Mantra VR > Mobius Zoom.

Camera Movement in Post | Mantra VR > Mobius Zoom. 360° “Dolly In” effect in Post. Video courtesy “Chasing the World VR”.

Video courtesy Daniel Bury – Chasing the World VR | Mantra VR > Circular Waves.

Mantra VR > Chrome Spheres. 360 Video courtesy Atmosphaeres.

Mantra VR “Turbulence Effect” applied to 2D footage. Thanks Martin Stebbing.

Mantra VR | Full Overview

Globe Preview.

New way to preview your 360/VR.

Audio Reactive.

Link audio to effects.

Node Panel.

Quickly add complex effects and presets.

16 Effects.

An easy way to transform 360 footage and add production value.

All effects can be key-framed, with multiple feature controls, and can transform back to 360 footage, 0% effect applied. All Effects can be stacked and re-ordered, for a variation of the final look. Mantra VR is a Master Control which can apply all the stacked effects from 0%-100%, and can be keyframed and interpolated.

Effects Samples

1. Chrome Spheres

Simulates one or more curved mirrors of arbitrary size and distribution. Curvature is set to simulate hemisphere by default. 

2. Circular Waves

Simulates capillary waves e.g. water ripples. Allows to control wave length, wave amplitude, frequency, decay, etc.

3. Escher Droste

Implements Escher & Droste effects, separately or combined. Droste effect allows infinite recursive repetitions of the original frame. Escher effect allows to twist repetitions recursively into the spiral.

4. Mirrors

Simulates one or more flat mirrors of arbitrary size and distribution. It reflects the opposite side of the enclosing sphere.

“Mantra VR is an incredible new tool from Mettle which unlocks a world of possibilities for manipulating 360˚ video. The first time I used it, I was in awe of what it allowed me to do. There are so many parameters to play with and it’s genuinely fun to experiment with each new effect — so much so, that it’s easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole. It opens up new ways to create unique transitions and video effects within a spherical environment. Suddenly, 360˚ footage becomes a fluid, almost liquid-like substance, that you can pull, shape and mould, like an alchemist, to create surreal worlds, dreamscapes and alternate realities.”

Dan White, Director of Technology, Rapid VR

5. Graphix

Allows to place and distribute flat 2D graphics or text across the sphere.

6. Hyperbolix

Implements hyperbolic tiling algorithm for 360. Rich set of parameters allows to achieve different kaleidoscope like warps of original frame.

7. Magnifying Glass

Simulates one ore more magnifying glasses of arbitrary size and distribution. Magnifying power can be adjusted.

8. Meridian Waves

Simulates sinusoidal waves across the lines of longitude (meridians) on the sphere. Allows to control wave length, wave amplitude, frequency, decay, etc.

9. Mobius Raw

Allows to apply complex transformation matrix (2×2) to the original sphere projection on the complex plane. This effect is for customers advanced in math.

10. Mobius Rotate

Allows to rotate original sphere around two arbitrary points selected on the sphere.

“Like Skybox, Mettle Mantra VR is essential for 360 degree video post production. Mobius Zoom allows for simulated camera zooms and movements which add production value to static shots. The creative applications of Mantra range from practical to psychedelic, and they empower storytellers to enhance 360 degree videos in creative ways that were not possible until now.” Daniel Bury, Chasing the World VR

11. Mobius Transform

Allows to zoom original sphere to arbitrary point selected on the sphere. Zoom out point can be also selected arbitrarily.

12. Primitivz

Allows for primitives to be added too the scene. Uses image based lighting – reacts to the environment.

13. Repeater

Replicates original frame horizontally, vertically or in both directions at the same time.

14. Stretcher

Allows to stretch or shrink the sphere around arbitrary latitude.

15. Turbulence

Allows original frame to transform into a painterly Van Gough “Starry Night” look.

16. Twirl