Tutorials: ShapeShifter AE

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ShapeShifter AE – The Ultimate Guide

Chris Lavelle walks us through the features of ShapeShifter AE. He explains every feature in detail, step-by-step in this extremely thorough video manual.

3D Shape-Morphing in After Effects

Learn how to create a 3D shape morph animation using the shape tools in After Effects and ShapeShifter AE. Nancy Eperjesy (mettle.com) builds a simple animation with the shape tool and layer masks.

Audio Reactive Shape Morphing Tutorial

Nancy Eperjesy (mettle.com) shows us how to use mettle ShapeShifter AE and Trapcode Soundkeys to generate an Audioreactive animation in After Effects.

Model a 3D Aquaman Logo

Chris Bobotis designed the Aquaman logo, and shows us exactly how easy it is to do in After Effects.

Expandables Title Sequence

Nancy Eperjesy (mettle.com) explains how to create this parody title sequence. She uses Displacement Mapping and the Generator features for all the replication

Download Project File

Version 1.5 Features: FreeForm Pro & ShapeShifter AE

Kevin Schires gives an in-depth look at all the new features found in the 1.5 Update to FreeForm Pro and ShapeShifter AE.

Create the Amazing Spiderman Title Sequence

Nancy Eperjesy (mettle.com) shows us how to create this truly amazing sequence, all within After Effects, using ShapeShifter AE. Download free project file.

Captain America: Part 1

Eran Stern (Sternfx.com) creates the Captain America shield and text, all in After Effects. He uses FreeForm Pro, ShapeShifter AE, RGS, Magic Bullet + Trapcode Suite. Watch Tutorial Part 1    Download Free Project File

Captain America: Part 2

Harry Frank of Red Giant TV shares techniques on how to integrate a 3D render into your motion graphics work. He also finishes the job with effects and color correction. Watch Tutorial Part 2    Download Project File

3D Pixelstorm – Part 1

Nancy Eperjesy (mettle.com) shows how to create 3d shape morphs, and leverage tools and animation presets that ship with After Effects. She covers some of the powerful features in ShapeShifter AE.

3D Pixelstorm – Part 2

Nancy Eperjesy (mettle.com) explores ShapeShifter AE’s built-in Generator, a feature that allows for multiple replications. It lets you create a complex-looking animation very easily.

3D Pixelstorm – Part 3

Nancy Eperjesy (mettle.com) covers deformations and applies the finishing touches to the Pixelstorm animation. Includes Magic Bullet and Trapcode products.

Superman Logo in Ae: Part 1

Trevor Coates (www.leapfrog.net.au) reimagines the Superman logo. He uses ShapeShifter AE to create a 3D interpretation of this classic logo.

Superman Logo in Ae: Part 2

Trevor shows us how to sculpt the 3D logo using ShapeShifter AE + variable feather masks. He also uses 2D filters that ship with AE to create animated texture (color) and displacement maps.

Superman Logo in Ae: Part 3

Trevor shows us how he created the 3D logo design using ShapeShifter AE + 2D filters, transitions etc. to create animated texture (color) and displacement maps.

Superman Logo in Ae: Part 4

Trevor shows us how he created the 3D logo design using ShapeShifter AE. Trevor covers compositing, grading, show us some neat tricks and adds some finishing touches to this sequence.

Superman Logo in Ae: Part 5

In this bonus tutorial, Trevor shows us how he adds shadows to After Effects layers.

Bevels & Styles Tutorial

VinhSon Nguyen (creativedojo.net) uses After Effects Shape Layers, Masks + 2D filters to create some neat animated bevels and styles for ShapeShifter AE. Download Project File

Crystal 3D Logo by Tim Harris

Tim Harris (harrismediacreations.com) creates a logo animation with a crystal finish using ShapeShifter AE in AFter Effects.

Superman in Manhattan by Kevin Schires

Kevin Schires, creator of Elementary, shows us how to cast shadows and reflections from a Superman 3D logo created with ShapeShifter AE. All integrated with live footage.

Man of Steel & Style Design Overview

Nancy Eperjesy (mettle.com) walks us through one of the free project files for the Superman Design Challenge, and creates a 3D logo using 2D skills.

Make Big Buck$, in Minutes

Learn how to use ShapeShifter AE, in this quick and easy tutorial. Nancy Eperjesy (mettle.com) explains the concepts of Reflection Mapping and Displacement Mapping.

Superman in Manhattan by Maltaannon

Jerzy Drozda Jr (maltaannon.com) shows us how to do 3D camera tracking on a real motion graphics example, 3D alpha mattes, and creates 3D shapes and graphics right inside After Effects. Watch Tutorial.

Quick Tip: Compositing ShapeShifter Ae and Particular

Brad Magnus walks you through compositing a scene using ShapeShifter and Particular. It’s easy to get the appearance of a unified 3D space with ShapeShifter’s Depth render setting.

Reality Show Teaser by Eran Stern

Eran Stern (sternfx.com) shows how to create a teaser for an upcoming reality show using footage from artbeats.com and plug-ins from Mettle, GenArts and Red Giant. Watch Tutorial.

BattleShip Parody Part 1

Ran Ben Avraham (ran-mograph.blogspot.ca) uses ShapeShifter AE, Trapcode Form + VCP Optical Flares. He also touches on MamoWorld’s iExpressions.  Watch Tutorial Part 1.

BattleShip Parody Part 2

Mathias Mohl (mamoworld.com) uses iExpressions to create realistic movement in After Effects. He rigs a 3D character using iExpressions on the Generator, a feature-set found in ShapeShifter AE. Watch Tutorial Part 2.

ShapeShifter AE | The Basics: Part 1

Ben Griggs (www.iclickstuff.com/blog/) covers the basics of using ShapeShifter AE. He uses Adobe text animation presets and looks at some of the file types that work well with ShapeShifter AE.

ShapeShifter AE | The Basics: Part 2

Ben continues with the basics. He discusses Displacement mapping, and the importance of working in 16 bit per channel, in order to create many levels of grey, which are used to build the geometry in ShapeShifter AE.