How to Create Planet Textures | After Effects | Mantra VR

How to Create Planet Textures | After Effects | Mantra VR

Charles Yeager (www. shows us how to create seamless planet textures with Mantra VR, CC Sphere, and the built-in Immersive features in After Effects CC 2018. He goes over the basic technique, which can be used to create endless variations. The textures can also be animated to simulate gas planets.

To help us follow along, Charles has created a project file with several comps, available to download here.

How to Create Planet Textures | Mantra VR | After Effects

Apply “VR Fractal Noise” to your layer.

Custom colors with After Effects “Tint” Effect.

Precomp and Apply “CC Sphere”.

Adjust “CC Sphere” > Lighting.

Apply “Mantra VR” > Turbulence Effect.

Apply “Mantra VR” > Stretcher Effect, to move the effect away from the poles.

Create more realistic look by layering effects using Blending modes.

Add some Atmosphere with “CC Radial Fast Blur”.

Use “Adobe CC 2018” > VR Sharpen to add detail.

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