New Features Tutorial for FreeForm Pro Version 1.5 by Klaus Brandenburg

New Features Tutorial for FreeForm Pro Version 1.5 by Klaus Brandenburg

Klaus Brandenburg, Editor and VFX artist from Munich, Germany, was kind enough to put this tutorial together to showcase some of the new features in FreeForm Pro Version 1.5. He creates a terrain and lake in After Effects using FreeForm Pro, and covers Displacement Noise, Fog and Mist.


Version 1.5 of FreeForm Pro and ShapeShifter AE is a free update available to our registered customers.
Download the free Version 1.5 demo, add your license info, and you’re good to go! 


New Features Tutorial for FreeForm Pro Version 1.5 by Klaus Brandenburg

New Features:
Fresnel: Add the fresnel lens phenomenon to your work. Create additional 3D materials, like water and glass.
Displacement Map Channels: Isolate different regions on your 3D model, and give them different reflections and finishes.

Displacement Map Noise: Easier to create natural-looking organic surfaces and animations using mathematical algorithms instead of additional geometry. Is a great complement to displacement maps.
Additional reflection mapping controls: More built in features for much more control over reflections.
Animateable subdivisions: Control the amount of geometry in your 3D model. Easy to add more geometry for extreme close-ups in your animation, and diminish the geometry for long-shots of the same model.

New Environment Section: Create natural phenomena like fog and mist with no additional rendering time.
3D Blending Modes: True 3D blending (transfer) modes built-in at many levels

Dark Tunnel Animation by Klaus using the new features.

Klaus does editing for local tv-stations and production companies  as well as on air/off air design, trailers, and animations. He started editing at the age of 10 with his double-tape deck, had a teenage music “career” as DJ/Rapper/Producer/Radio Host were he was cutting and editing with turntables, samplers, and even tape to tape recorders.

More about Klaus:
mettle: You have a love of music. Tell us about it
Klaus: I was always the hands on and brute force type. I did have some talent matching things together so my first edit was on a double tape deck, followed by two turntables, then sampling (Amiga), then sequencing (C64 + an AKAI sampler) to more sophisticated stuff (EMU and Nuendo) and when our band did split up I even grabbed the pen and the microphone.
Some of our songs can still be found on youtube. We were just a couple of teenage boys having fun:
Quasi Modo introducing ZdG -Style Forever / Jedermann

Our one album, “Zweimal das Gleiche“, sold about 10.000 units, without any advertising. It had a positive reception, and is still available on amazon.

Dejaying in clubs also led to a radio show where I edited some nice jingles and learned that cutting tape (some Interviews we did with Donald Byrd and Guru) is more efficient than pressing pause.

Then I did an internship in a small production company where I could get my hands on everything. I ordered the VHS series of Total Training AE (I guess 3.1) with the legendary Brian Maffit. That was it. I was hooked and music turned into “maybe some day but just for the fun of it”.


What do you enjoy besides music and motion graphics?

I have always enjoyed walking, and in recent years I have gone on walking tours with my better half. For me it’s the best way to get everything out of my head quickly and appreciate the small things in life. Knowing that everything you need to survive fits in a backpack (and your head) puts so many things into a new perspective. I also enjoy the planning and putting together the right gear. It’s similar to planning an AE project and it feels great if everything works out the way you planned it. So far we have done 3 bigger tours (Sweden, Spain, Germany) but we have lots of places on our “to visit” list.

I’m also a huge fan of Nikon and I shoot with a D7000. Most of my photographic work is just for family and friends. I believe that one should have some creative fields of work where you can be independent and not have to please clients.


Your work station?

A self-configured PC system with Win7 64bit, Intel i7 3930K and a GTX680 and lots of RAM & drives.

One of Klaus’ three cats, Gustav, likes to try and help out as well.


Thanks Klaus!


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