FreeForm Pro Used for 3D Morphing in Evolution of Style

FreeForm Pro Used for 3D Morphing in Evolution of Style

This sequence was created entirely in After Effects, by Morgan Préleur at, using the FreeForm Pro plug-in. Here at mettle, we are often asked how FreeForm Pro was used in this sequence. Morgan explains:

Re:Flex was used for the body alignments and face morphing while mettle’s Freeform Pro handled all the clothes folding (shirts tearing apart, jacket wrapping, helmet transformation, and so on…). The plug-in really proved to be an incredible tool and allowed us to achieve complex 3D deformations under tight deadlines. It’s ability to handle a lot of surface points while remaining totally interactive allows for a more creative and iterative process, we can experiment and come up with improved solutions which is crucial when speed is the key factor. It is a must have in our tool set for commercial work.

The easiest way to see how the morphing is done is to look at the sequence frame by frame. We have taken 6 frames from the sequence to illustrate this point. The movements are well choreographed between the actors, and you can see how the footage is bent and morphed.

FreeForm Pro lets you bend layers on the X,Y + Z axis via control points and tangents that are displayed for use in the After Effects comp window. This makes it the most flexible and intuitive way to deform an After Effects layer, bar none! Add to that, the 3D displacement mapping feature, and you can get some incredible effects right in After Effects.

12 thoughts on “FreeForm Pro Used for 3D Morphing in Evolution of Style

  1. Hi, This is fantastic stuff, but can you guys make a tutorial (Step by step) that would be great. Thanks in Advance

  2. Hi Mettle. Can you post a more detailed explanation on how free form was used? Like how they did it using free form, thanks

    • @Ian We are working on that! We’ve had many requests for a more detailed explanation. The creators at are supplying us with more info on how this was put together. Thanks for your interest.

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