Dot Calm: 360/VR Relaxation | SkyBox

Dot Calm: 360/VR Relaxation | SkyBox

Dot Calm, an ASMR experience, is a combination of a 3D generated environment, with 2D traditional footage inserted using a framing device. This is a clever way to combine flat footage with 3D generated imagery. As long as the 3D part of your video is rendered out in Equirectangular 2:1 format, it can be imported into Adobe After Effects, and all compositing and color grading, VFX, titles can be composited using SkyBox Studio. Then the finished comp can be output to 360 format. SkyBox Studio is a complete set of 360/VR production tools for After Effects that makes it easy to create 360 content. Download a free demo and try it out.

ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response), is a relaxation technique which uses whispering, soft tapping, and other calming sounds to elicit a “tingle” effect from the viewer. Make sure to try it – it’s very relaxing and perfectly suited to 360 production!

Dot Calm is a 360/VR ASMR Video created by and featuring youtuber Ally of ASMRRequests. The video must be viewed on Chrome or iOs to get a full VR experience.

“Thanks again for making such a fantastic plug-in for all of us After Effects users out there, it’s truly the best tool I’ve used so far for my 360° workflow.” Ally – ASMRRequests

Ally from ASMRRequests is a popular youtuber. As of this blog posting she has 272,547 subscribers and 46,524,852 views. Dot Calm is part of her foray into producing 360/VR ASMR. Part Role-Play, part virtual vacation, Ally is your Relaxation Guide in Dot Calm, playing a futuristic Hostess taking you on a virtual meditation/relaxation trip.

Dot Calm produced by Ally from ASMRRequests: youtube and twitter.
CG Models by Stonemason on Daz 3D
CG and 360 production help by: Classy Dog Films on YouTube
Meditation script from Part 3 of Video: Catherine Gillespie-Lopes /
For more info on binaural mic used in production:
360/VR After Effects Plugin: SkyBox

Mettle Skybox Suite has joined Adobe.

Mettle Skybox Suite of plugins will be exclusively available as part of your Creative Cloud membership through deep, native integration with Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. Adobe Creative Cloud will offer an end to end experience for crafting rich and compelling VR/360 experiences.  

 Learn more – Adobe and Mettle VR: 360 degrees better

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