How to Add Effects in 360 Video | SkyBox Studio

How to Add Effects in 360 Video | SkyBox Studio

Mikey Borup (After Effects Tutorials w/Mikey) shows how to add effects to 360 footage. He covers how to: add a watermark, object removal, compositing, color correction, lens flare and glow, add an Element 3D sphere. And more. All that in 24 minutes! Download a free trial of SkyBox Studio and follow along.

In his own words,”360 Video in After Effects is easy to work with using the SkyBox Studio by Mettle. This how-to video will show you the steps. You can add effects mostly like you would with flat footage. Skybox Studio makes it super easy.”

How To Add Effects to 360 footage | After Effects | SkyBox Studio

04:22  How to add a watermark
05:54  Object Removal
08:43  Color correction
12:03  Composite 2 layers of 360 footage
17:00  Color correct background
17:29  Add a lens flare
19:35  Add an Element 3D Sphere

Add a watermark.

Object removal: sandbags and tripod.


Color grading.

Add an Element 3D sphere.

Special thanks to Jamie Hall for providing the footage, go check out his website:

Footage to work with.

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