How To Dent a Garage Door VFX

How To Dent a Garage Door VFX

In this tutorial, Effects artist Mike Sevigny shows us how to displace a plane in 3D space in Ae, making it look like a garage door is being deformed and dented. The process starts by using After Effects’ 3D camera tracker to track the live action shot. Mike then shows how you can use a projection to map the texture of the live action footage back onto a simple 2d plane which will represent the garage door.
It is the use of displacement maps along with FreeForm Pro that will make it easy to animate the dents in the garage door, giving a convincing look to the effect.

Dent a Garage Door VFX


0:00 – Introduction
0:24 – Tracking the Camera
1:13 – Scale & Orient the Scene
2:53 – Projecting the Video
5:37 – Setup FFPro Camera
6:26 – Applying and Aligning FFPro
7:24 – FFPro 3D Mesh Distortion
11:19 – FFPro Using Displacement Mattes
13:12 – FFPro Animating Displacement Mattes
14:38 – FreeForm Pro in Production
21:25 – Conclusion
Dent a Garage Door VFX

Dent a Garage Door VFX


Mike Sevigny

Mike Sevigny is an Effects Artist who lives and works in Toronto, Canada. He’s a graduate of Sheridan College (2005). He has taught After Effects at Toronto Film School, and sits as a member of their Advisory Committee. He currently operates TorusFX Inc. in Downtown Toronto and invites prospective clients to reach out to him with interesting project ideas.

Music Videos: artists include “Bedouin Sound Clash”, “City & Colour”, “Serena Ryder” and 50+ more.
Co-Directed “The Sheepdogs – I Don’t Know” (2012) which won Much Music Video Award for Best Rock Video.

Television: in addition to his contribution to countless commercials, Mike was also Lead Compositor and Set Supervisor for Season 1 of the award winning show “Beauty & the Beast” on Showcase.

Feature Films: has worked on dozen+, including as VFX Producer, Supervisor & Lead Artist on two upcoming films: “The Masked Saint” & “Total Frat Movie”; The documentary, “Super Duper Alice Cooper”; Season 8 of the “Trailer Park Boys” on Netflix.



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