Tutorial: Audioreactive 3D Shape Morphing in After Effects

Tutorial: Audioreactive 3D Shape Morphing in After Effects

Nancy Eperjesy (mettle.com) shows us how to use mettle ShapeShifter AE and Trapcode Soundkeys to generate an Audioreactive animation in After Effects. ShapeShifter Ae allows you to create 3D objects directly in After Effects from After Effects shapes and layer masks. So this complex-looking animation is actually quite simple to put together using ShapeShifter combined with basic tools in Ae. The animation uses a Displacement Map created with the shape tools in Ae, which allows for a completely customizable technique.

Watch Part 1 first to set up your basic Shape Morph: After Effects 3D Shape Morphing Tutorial

Nancy uses these easy techniques with impressive results! She also shows how to add custom audio sync, modify the displacement map, and details that can make a difference, like animating the reflection map, and adding an overall X rotation to tie all the movements together. Download a Demo of ShapeShifter AE and follow along.

Nancy Eperjesy is a partner at mettle.com, and has been involved in the development of mettle 3D plug-ins. A veteran motion graphics artist, Nancy started off her career as a graphic designer, and holds degrees from Pratt Institute and McGill University. She is also a mom of 3, and is married to the brain behind the mettle products, Chris Bobotis. Besides Chris, she also loves math, physics, and everything about design.

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