Part 1: Character Animation in After Effects by Dave Legion

Part 1: Character Animation in After Effects by Dave Legion

Dave Legion has put together a comprehensive set of tutorials on Character Animation. The series is called “Build Me Some Hope”, named after a character from “A Story of Hope”, an animation he worked on for the FH Foundation. You’ll learn how to create a displacement map using FreeForm. This is the first step in creating a 3D face in After Effects. Once the face is built, you will be able to animate and pivot a single image of the face up to 180 degrees, an enormous time-saver in character animation.


Build Me Some Hope: Part 1



Watch the Overview to Build Me Some Hope, the Character Animation tut series by David Legion.

“A Story of Hope”, where Funky Medics and Dave created the Hope character.


Watch the tutorial Series:


Part 1: Displacement Maps For Use With FreeForm

Part 2: Create A Facial Rig For Your Puppet

Part 3: Control Facial Expressions with Custom Sliders

Part 4: Set up the lip syncing for your puppet using Mamoworld’s Auto Lip-Sync

Part 5: Create a Working Jaw Using AE 3D Layers

Part 6: Create a Swinging Head of Hair

Part 7: Create Simple Controllers for the Head and Eyes

Part 8: Switch Out Existing Voice Over With Auto Lip Sync


Dave Legion is an award-winning animator from the UK.
Dave Legion on Vimeo

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