360° Inspiration | Into the Void 3D | Matt Nefdt

360° Inspiration | Into the Void 3D | Matt Nefdt

We’re pleased to share this animation from South African director Matt Nefdt. We love his mysterious environment that explores the beauty of space and sci-fi. Read below, to find out how he used Mettle FLUX and Mantra VR plugins in Adobe After Effects to create his animation.

Download demos of FLUX and Mantra VR and try them out! Supports 360° Mono and Stereo, as well as traditional flat formats, for After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Into the Void 3D | Matt Nefdt.

The background fractal animations are made with FLUX. Select one of the FLUX preset panel animations to quickly get started. They automatically fit to your timeline, and are easy to customise.

The spheres are made with Mantra VR > Chrome Spheres effect. The replication, refraction and animation are all easy to control.

Also from director/animator Matt Nefdt:

ATMOS: 360 Sci-Fi Short Film. Director: Matt Nefdt, Producer: Rose Lovell, Sound: Andrew Sutherland.

Check out Matt Nefdt’s portfolio here.

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