Into the Void 3D | After Effects + Mantra VR + FLUX | Matt Nefdt

Into the Void 3D | After Effects + Mantra VR + FLUX | Matt Nefdt

We’re pleased to share this animation from South African director Matt Nefdt. We love the mysterious environment that explores the beauty of space and sci-fi. Read on to find out how he used Mettle FLUX and Mantra VR plugins in Adobe After Effects to create his animation.

Download demos. Supports 360° Mono and Stereo, as well as traditional flat formats, for After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Into the Void 3D | Matt Nefdt.

How It’s Done

The background fractal animations are generated with FLUX. Select one of the FLUX preset panel animations to quickly get started. Apply one to a Solid on your timeline. They automatically fit to your timeline, and are easy to customize.

The spheres are made with Mantra VR > Chrome Spheres effect. The replication, refraction and animation are all easy to control.

Chrome Spheres Effect | Overview

Also from director/animator Matt Nefdt:

ATMOS: 360 Sci-Fi Short Film. Director: Matt Nefdt, Producer: Rose Lovell, Sound: Andrew Sutherland.

Check out Matt Nefdt’s portfolio here.

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