Part 2: Character Animation in After Effects by Dave Legion

Part 2: Character Animation in After Effects by Dave Legion

In Part 2, you will learn how to set-up a rig to control your puppet’s face. Dave will walk you through the whole set-up, including how to use Nulls and the Puppet Tool. He’ll then demonstrate how to create slider controls to facilitate facial animation in After Effects. Dave Legion explains things in a easy-to-follow, methodical style, using mettle’s plug-in FreeForm. Even if you’ve never done character animation before, Dave shows you how easy it can be.

Part 2: Character Animation in After Effects. By Dave Legion.



“A Story of Hope”, where Funky Medics and Dave created the Hope character.

Watch the tutorial Series:


Part 1: Displacement Maps For Use With FreeForm

Part 2: Create A Facial Rig For Your Puppet

Part 3: Control Facial Expressions with Custom Sliders

Part 4: Set up the lip syncing for your puppet using Mamoworld’s Auto Lip-Sync

Part 5: Create a Working Jaw Using AE 3D Layers

Part 6: Create a Swinging Head of Hair

Part 7: Create Simple Controllers for the Head and Eyes

Part 8: Switch Out Existing Voice Over With Auto Lip Sync


Dave Legion is an award-winning animator from the UK.
Dave Legion on Vimeo

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