FreeForm V2 for CS6: Fast, Flexible and Ferocious!

FreeForm V2 for CS6: Fast, Flexible and Ferocious!

Great news! A much faster (up to 8x) version of FreeForm is now available! FreeForm V2 is available for CS5 and CS6. Even better, all projects created with the version of FreeForm that came bundled with CS5 can be opened with FreeForm V2. FreeForm V2 is THE must-have 3D mesh-warp plug-in for After Effects. It offers way more functionality than the built-in bendable layer in CS6. Here’s how:

1) Way more control of the layer that you want to bend, twist and distort.
FreeForm V2 displays up to 20 x 20 control points along each edge of your plane = 400 tangent control points! Kinda like AE’s Mesh Warp, but in 3D.

All control points and tangents are displayed in the AE comp window, and can be manipulated and animated in 3D.

2) 3D Displacement Mapping:

Use a layer’s luminance values to push in or pull out a 3D image on the z-axis! Animate it over time.


8 thoughts on “FreeForm V2 for CS6: Fast, Flexible and Ferocious!

    • Hi Jason,

      You have to buy each version separately. However, we offer a special price to customers who buy both versions. The 2nd version costs only 35%, or $34.50. Please contact me directly if you are interested:
      Thanks! Nancy

  1. Hi Nancy, I am attending Adobe After Effects CS6 class and I want to learn more deeper to change my career. I want to master MOTION GRAPHIC DESIGN. What books can you recommend. I have Creating MOTION GRAPHICS with After Effects -Trish & Chris Meyer . And I want more books to read I appreciate very much any help you can give me.

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