Breakdown: New York Terrain Infographic

Breakdown: New York Terrain Infographic

A single jpeg is used to create an incredibly detailed 3D infographic animation.  All in After Effects with the help of FreeForm Pro plugin. The breakdown video posted below shows the different steps/layers that come together to produce the final result. Simple 2D information is separated out of the original jpeg, and animated with FreeForm. A powerful feature – Primitives – is used to create and animate the rising red and orange bars. The scale of the Primitives can be controlled on the X, Y and Z axis. In this case, only the Z axis scale is increased to create the illusion of bars elongating upwards.

See exactly how this was done. Free project file available in mettle customer accounts, as part of Exclusive Customer Content.

3D After Effects Animation (left) is created from a single jpeg (right). All with FreeForm Pro.

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