FreeForm Pro and Evolution of Style 2

FreeForm Pro and Evolution of Style 2

Lady’s turn! Here it is: the female version of Evolution of Style. You may recognize this as part of an ad series done for Garnier. We did an earlier blog posting for Evolution of Style, which showcases the men’s hair products. All visual effects for this sequence were created entirely in After Effects, by Morgan PrΓ©leur and the team at, using mettle’s FreeForm Pro and FreeForm V2 plug-in.
Re:Flex was used for the body alignments and face morphing, while mettle’s FreeForm Pro and Freeform V2 handled all the clothes 3D morphing.


FreeForm Pro and FreeForm V2 allow you to bend layers on the X,Y + Z axis via control points and tangents that are displayed for use in the After Effects comp window. This makes them the most flexible and intuitive way to deform an After Effects layer, bar none! Add to that, the 3D displacement mapping feature found in FreeForm Pro and FreeForm V2, and you can get some incredible effects right in After Effects.

Here are some shots from the set:

Here is the men’s version of the video: Evolution of Style.


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