After Effects Inspiration | Inksplosion

After Effects Inspiration | Inksplosion

Ink Flow videos can be awesome when they’re done right. There’s something mesmerizing and primordial about the organic movement of ink and water. Claude Autret creates a moody and expressive sequence that pushes beyond the ordinary Ink Flow Video with “Inksplosion”. His creative combination of RodyPolis Ink Flow, FreeForm Pro, Trapcode plugins, Plexus and text work to create a piece that is beyond the sum of its parts. FreeForm Pro was used to create the water and terrain in After Effects, and to displace a moving point of impact across the terrain, in order to simulate the comet impact. Excellent work Claude!


Inksplosion Breakdown

Plugins used:
Mettle FreeForm Pro
Trapdcode Particular, Form, Shine
Videocopilot Motionpulse sounds/optical Flares
Rodypolis Ink FX Flow

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