Gareth Jones for Virgin Media | FreeForm

Gareth Jones for Virgin Media | FreeForm

Here’s a great example of character animation in After Effects, using mettle’s 3D plug-in FreeForm. Gareth Jones has put together a fun piece for Virgin Media/Ignite. FreeForm makes 3D movement in character animation much easier, especially head rotation. For example, the head can be placed on it’s own layer, FreeForm applied, and the head can then be shaped in 3D using FreeForm’s control points and tangents. A displacement map can also be applied in FreeForm to add more volume and detail. This simplifies character animation and makes it more intuitive.

Virgin Media / Ignite character animation by Gareth Jones


Gareth Jones is an animator/motion graphics designer, whose company 23i is based in Sheffield, England.
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4 thoughts on “Gareth Jones for Virgin Media | FreeForm

  1. Yeh… I am user of adobe after effects and i like work this software very .much but i really never come across that we can do buch of character animation in after effects .IT really a Awesome …. Apprently if i say about me i dont like to spend to much time in 3d software like Maya OR Max especially it s really suck and some time it flip out…

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