Free Project Files | After Effects | ShapeShifter

Free Project Files | After Effects | ShapeShifter

You’ll find lots of variety in “Bevels and Styles”, a set of free After Effects Project Files. Includes 14 different Bevels, 11 different Styles, and 1 animated Bevel. Chris Bobotis (Partner/Developer at mettle) has put together this handy set. Requires ShapeShifter AE, our 3D text and logo plug-in. Don’t have ShapeShifter? Download a demo and give it a try.

Animated Bevels ShapeShifter AE
Animated Bevels ShapeShifter AE


7 thoughts on “Free Project Files | After Effects | ShapeShifter

  1. This is a very novel approach. I can see using this in so many other ways than just bevels. Great tutorial and excellent product. Well worth the price.

    Who came up with your slogan (Don’t wait… Create!). It is perfect for your products.

    • @ Robert
      Thanks so much! Chris at Mettle came up with the slogan (Don’t Wait…Create). He thinks it’s the perfect descriptor. I have to agree. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the quick reply Nancy 🙂 Yes i saw this in the tutorial on AE Tuts +

    You do a great with your tutorials – keep up the great work!

  3. This is much more powerful than any other After Effects bevel system. Including Invigoraetor or the CS6 3D stuff. ShapeShifter Rocks! Kudos.

    • Hey Strut! Thanks for the comment. I’m sure you’ve noticed ShapeShifter’s ability to animate bevels over time and add texture(s). Very customizable. 🙂

  4. This is fantastic. You can make almost any bevel style you want and animate it the way you want. Excellent! I cannot wait to try it with the CS6 new mask with a variable feather. Thanks Nancy. Keep up the great work.


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