Rosetta Stone by Jordan Nobles | FreeForm Pro | Mantra VR

Rosetta Stone by Jordan Nobles | FreeForm Pro | Mantra VR

Rosetta Stone is a classical music video directed by Dejan Radovanovic for Juno award-winning composer Jordan Nobles. Amazingly, the entire video is created from a single image; the CD cover art by Patricia O’Black.

The client wanted an animation based on the artwork, so Dejan started off with a tiff of a photo of the actual painting by O’Black. He did all the animation in After Effects using FreeForm Pro for displacements and deformations. Mantra VR was used to further stylize and animate, too. The final file size is 4K at 60 fps.

“Before, I used to do this kind of work with 3d Max, but for me, it is much more intuitive and faster with FreeForm Pro!” – Dejan Radovanovic. 

Rosetta Stone by Jordan Nobles

Rosetta Stone: Music for multiples.

The idea of “multiples” — musical works composed for several identical or like-sounding instruments — has been a decades-long preoccupation of the composer Jordan Nobles. Whether it’s eight saxophones, six harps, or twenty-four vibraphones, the monochromatic ensemble presents a creative restriction that is capable of surprisingly dynamic and varied results. Taking his penchant for minimalism even further, Nobles opted to have each work on this album performed by a single musician, via multitrack recording. This has allowed him to create works that, for practical reasons, would be difficult to perform “live” (like möbius, for ten grand pianos, or air, for sixteen bass flutes), while at the same time reinforce the chromatic uniformity of each piece to an almost hyperreal level.

FreeForm Pro > 3D Mesh Warp effect to deform the layer.
Mantra VR > Circular Waves effect.
Mantra VR > Meridian Waves effect.
FreeForm Pro > 3D Mesh Warp effect.

Rosetta Stone. Original cover art by Patricia O’Black.


Rosetta Stone – Jordan Nobles

9 sonic explorations composed for multiples of one instrument.

By JUNO-Award winning composer Jordan Nobles

Available at:

Video Directed by Dejan Radovanovic

@ 2018 Studio UMMAGUMMA

Based on the original CD cover image by Patricia O’Black

Dejan Radovanovic is Canadian Independent Media Artist working across Film, Video Art, Animation and Sound.

As a Fine Artist in his early career he then moved to Film Production and CGI, attracted by moving images and endless possibilities of digital media. Dejan spent nine years as Art Director and Production Designer in Film & Television Production before founding his Studio in 2004.

His work is often screened through online distribution platforms (Sedition, Ikono TV, Videotheque Art Stream) and has been featured in world festivals and exhibitions such as Generative Gallery (Moscow, Russia), New York City Independent Film Festival (New York, US), Creative Tech Week (New York, US), MAPIC (Cannes, France ), CeBIT (Hannover, Germany), EXPO REAL (Munich, Germany), REAL VIENNA (Vienna, Austria), MOBILE World Congress (Barcelona, Spain) and WORLD FOOD (Moscow, Russia) among others.   Vimeo  Twitter  Facebook  Soundcloud   Linkedin

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