Lizard Man Tutorial Part 2-6

Lizard Man Tutorial Part 2-6

Transform a human into a Lizard Man in After Effects, with Imagineer Systems Mocha and mettle FreeForm Pro. The concept is simple: motion track a face with mocha and map a kimodo dragon texture onto the actor’s face with FreeForm Pro. The tracking information is linked to the FreeForm Pro layer, which has been shaped to fit the face perfectly. It’s like a digital mask, which fits and follows the actor’s movements perfectly. A great way to do a digital prosthetic. Hosted by Ran Ben Avraham, this series of tutorials leads you through the process step-by-step.

Lizard Man Transformation in After Effects


Part 2: 2D tracking in Mocha and Applying the info to the texture

Part 3: Mask out the sections of the face that the texture should not apply to.

In Part 4: Learn how to key out the green background and black shirt, and remove the tracking points from the face.

In Part 5: We learn how to create our Displacement Map.

Part 6: Creating the final Lizard Man transformation.

See Part 1: Learn how to 3D track in After Effects and build your Kimodo Dragon texture with FreeForm Pro.

Ran Ben Avraham is a post production artist working mainly in the fields of motion design and visual effects. He is a freelancer from Israel.

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