Imersiv360 Presents: Courvoisier Cognac 360/VR Toast of Paris

Imersiv360 Presents: Courvoisier Cognac 360/VR Toast of Paris

Mathieu Roy and Pierre-Sébastien Gauthier, Co-founders Imersiv360, present their winning 360 video for the “Toast of Paris”. They explain the steps from shooting on location in 360 through post-production in Premiere Pro with SkyBox 360/VR Tools. Mixologist Patrice Plante (Bistro Bar l’Atlelier Quebec City) is featured in this immersive bartending experience.

This talk is part of: Mettle showcases 360 VR Filmmakers at NAB.

Courvoisier Cognac 360/VR Wins the Toast of Paris | Imersiv360 | SkyBox 360/VR Tools | SKyBox Studio

The action was shot separately with one camera, and masked over a clean plate of the scene in Premiere Pro.

“360 Video will become a must for all the marketing plans around the world. To deliver a quality 360 production, you need to use mettle SkyBox plugins. This is a must-have for all 360 producers.”

-Pierre-Sébastien Gauthier, Imersiv360

Mettle Skybox Suite has joined Adobe.

Mettle Skybox Suite of plugins will be exclusively available as part of your Creative Cloud membership through deep, native integration with Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. Adobe Creative Cloud will offer an end to end experience for crafting rich and compelling VR/360 experiences.  

 Learn more – Adobe and Mettle VR: 360 degrees better

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