Luscious Free VJ Loops: Swirled

Luscious Free VJ Loops: Swirled

Check out our fabulous “Swirled” Series of six VJ Loops, available for free download on Vimeo! You can find the links to all six loops at the bottom of this posting. They were created in After Effects with FreeForm Pro, but no plug-ins are required to use them. They’re fun to customise in After Effects – the possibilities are endless. We’ve included some settings (Ae Recipes) below to give you some ideas on how they can be used.

swirled loop 1

Marsala. It’s a wine, a chicken dish, and now’s it’s also the Pantone color of the year. So of course we had to include a loop taking advantage of this warm luscious shade! It’s a natural for home decor and fashion, and we’re sure that it’s going to be very popular for 2015.


Marsala Swirled Ae Recipe

Requires: Swirled Loop 2

Import Loop 2 into After Effects. Create a composition with it.

Create Solid the size of your composition. RGB settings: R: 83  G:27  B:41

Solid Layer Mode > Color

Make sure your solid layer is above Loop 2 in your composition.

Serves up delicious Marsala-colored eye-candy. Enjoy.

swirled loop 1
swirled loop 1
swirled loop 1

Swirledelic Ae Recipe

Requires: Swirled Loop 1 and Loop 2

Import Loop 1 and 2 into After Effects. Create a composition with them. Make sure Loop 1 is above Loop 2 Layer.

Loop 1 Mode > Lighten

Add an adjustment layer above the loop layers.

Add Effect > Colorama. (Settings: See image below)

Add Effect > Black & White (Settings: Default)

Serves up a glitch-style loop. Pairs well with your favorite dark intense music.

swirled loop 1
swirled loop 1
swirled loop 1



Swirled VJ Loops

Download instructions: Click on the Vimeo icon on each clip. This will bring you to Vimeo, where you can find a Download button beneath each video.

Swirled 1

Swirled 2

Swirled 3

Swirled 4

Swirled 5

Swirled 6



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