A Brilliant Night | FullDome | SkyBox Studio

A Brilliant Night | FullDome | SkyBox Studio

A Brilliant Night‘ is a 7 minute FullDome animation presented at a fundraiser for Brain Cancer Research for the Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute) at The Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium (Montreal). The animation was generated in After Effects using SkyBox Studio, and with Maxon C4D. For more info on SkyBox Studio, click here.

At mettle, we consulted on this project and integrated FullDome into SkyBox Studio as a result. SkyBox Studio now converts between Equirectangular, Spherical, Cubic Cross and FullDome.

George Simeo

Patrick Goski
Pierre-Guilhem Roudet
Dominic Pons
George Simeo

Audio Design
Joe Barrucco

Audio Mix
Benoît Dame

Dr. Kevin Petrecca
Ivan Boulva
Heidi Small

Concept / Script / Art Direction / Montage
George Simeo

Gabrielle Dussault

Sarah Ouellet

Special Thanks Montreal Neurological Institute
Raman Spectroscopy Probe
Dr. Kevin Petrecca
Dr. Michael Jermyn

Special Thanks
Dr. Timothy Kennedy
Dr. Micahel Jermyn
Dr. Robert Zatorre
Dr. Denise Klein

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