Fun Sparks Creativity

Fun Sparks Creativity

Jason Moll had some fun with his company logo, trying out different 3D variations using ShapeShifter Ae in After Effects. He created a video to showcase them and shared it with us. “Hi, I’m a motion graphics artist and partner at Spark Webforge, and I just want to tell you all how much I’ve enjoyed using both FreeForm Pro and ShapeShifter AE. I would like to share with you this short animated logo montage I made for my company. Check out the mettle plug-ins at 00:44 to 01:22,” -Jason Moll.
It’s a pleasure for us to get feedback like this. We are always amazed to see just how our customers find innovative and creative ways to use our plug-ins. We’re happy to be able to help provide more tools for creative expression. Check out Jason’s work! And thanks to Jason for sharing!


“It was your Superman logo tutorial that really, really, really got me interested in learning ShapeShifter. I mean, the ability to do full 3D without the need of any external software was an absolute must-have! Not only that, it’s extremely flexible especially when working on a lower-end laptop. I use a core i5, geforce gts 360m, 4gb ram laptop to make all those logos.” Cheers-Jason Richard Moll 🙂


Born in Salinas California, Jason grew up in the Philippines. He studied Communications and Arts in De La Salle University, in Manila. He gained experience in different jobs, including tech writer and SEO. After a few years he landed back in video production, something that he had done part-time in University. He didn’t have enough technical skills in post-production, so he learned After Effects on his own. (Sound familiar? See the previous posting about Mr. Eric D. Kirk.) Jason looked on-line for tutorials, and landed on the mettle website. He tried out the plug-ins and was immediately hooked. He is a partner at Spark Webforge, along with Mickey Castaño, and Mheo Soriano. They are based in the Philippines.

Take a look at the Superman logo tut that Jason talks about:


Thanks Jason! Keep up the great work.

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