Mettle and The Montreal Canadiens

Mettle and The Montreal Canadiens

At Mettle we develop software plug-ins based on what we would like to use ourselves as motion graphics artists. So our plug-in ideas are often drawn from our real-world experience working on projects, such as this one for The Montreal Canadiens. Mettle is currently working on a sports motion graphics project for our hometown NHL hockey team, The Montreal Canadiens. Chris ( is leading a team of editors and motion graphics artists for this project. They are pushing CS6 and a slew of third party plug-ins to the max, for awesome results.

The format they are working to is 5000 x 1080 pixels @29.97. CS6 has proven to be indispensable. The new Global Performance Cache, the Variable mask feathering, and the 3D camera tracker have helped tremendously.

The footage for this project was shot at HD 1080 and in many cases has to be scaled and reframed to 5000 x 1080. RGS + Mettle plug-ins have proven to be invaluable for this project.

Go Habs Go!


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