How to add reflections in your 360° Footage|Mantra VR > Mirrors Tutorial

How to add reflections in your 360° Footage|Mantra VR > Mirrors Tutorial

The Mirrors Effect from Mantra VR adds one or multiple mirrors reflecting the footage behind them in your 360° composition. As Charles Yeager puts it in the Tutorial, the Effect works much like the Magnifying Glass effect, for which it shares many of the same parameters. This Effect also works well combined with other Mantra VR Effects like the Hyperbolix or Twirl.

Mantra VR is a 360/VR plugin for After Effects and Premiere Pro. It is a set of 16 stylization and practical effects that you can apply directly onto your 360° footage.

Mantra VR | Mirrors Tutorial

Effect > Mettle > Mantra VR > Magnifying Glass.

You can create a perfect 180° mirror reflecting one half of your footage seamlessly.

Mirrors can be moved on the X, Y and Z axis.

Auto-orient automatically reflects the mirrors from the perspective of the camera. Turning it off lets the mirror reflects other areas of your footage.

Distribution options will generate many different results with the Mirror Effect.

Mantra VR.

360/VR Stylization + FX for After Effects and Premiere Pro.

A set of 16 filters with practical and artistic effects, with a Node Panel, Audio Reactivity and Globe Preview Panel


Charles Yeager is a Filmmaker & Motion Graphics Artist currently residing in Arkansas. His projects have been recognized by Canon, Video Copilot, Vimeo, Filmmaker IQ, No Film School, Film Convert, BOOM Library & Filminute. See his portfolio at

Charles is the author of numerous tutorials on 360/VR video production in After Effects and Premier Pro. You can find them in the tutorial sections on the Mettle website.

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