Create a 360° ‘Starry Night’ effect | Mantra VR Turbulence Tutorial

Create a 360° ‘Starry Night’ effect | Mantra VR Turbulence Tutorial

Charles Yeager introduces one of his favorite effects from Mantra VR – the Turbulence Effect. When applied in a composition, the Turbulence Effect will seamlessly distort and ‘liquify’ the footage, creating twirls, reminiscing of the famous Starry Night painting from Van Gogh.

This effect works better on still images. While still usable in videos, this is one of the more demanding and ‘power hungry’ effects that can result in a loss of image quality. It is really on still images that the power and beauty of the Turbulence Effect truly shines.

Mantra VR is a 360/VR plugin for After Effects and Premiere Pro. It is a set of 16 stylization and practical effects that you can apply directly onto your 360 footage, available now for $229.

Mantra VR is designed by the creators of SkyBox Suite, which has been acquired by Adobe, that are now fully integrated in Adobe Creative Cloud.

Mantra VR | Turbulence Effect Tutorial

Drag and Drop the Mantra VR Turbulence effect on your comp, or go to Effects > Mettle > Mantra VR Turbulence. The Progress parameter adjusts the intensity of the effect.

If you have a videoclip and want to include an image with the Turbulence effect, you can Right Click > Time > Freeze Frame

The Velocity level determines how much your composition will blend together when the Turbulence liquefying effect is applied.

The Flow direction angle determines in what direction the flow of the effect is going to go.

Turning on of off the Vorticity will determine if you will see the ”Starry Night”-like twirls in the effect.

Adding a density map helps to control the start and the flow of the effect.

Mantra VR.

360/VR Stylization + FX for After Effects and Premiere Pro.

A set of 16 filters with practical and artistic effects, with a Node Panel, Audio Reactivity and Globe Preview Panel


Charles Yeager is a Filmmaker & Motion Graphics Artist currently residing in Arkansas. His projects have been recognized by Canon, Video Copilot, Vimeo, Filmmaker IQ, No Film School, Film Convert, BOOM Library & Filminute. See his portfolio at

Charles is the author of numerous tutorials on 360/VR video production in After Effects and Premier Pro. You can find them in the tutorial sections on the Mettle website.

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