Music Festival – Projection Mapping | FreeForm Pro

Music Festival – Projection Mapping | FreeForm Pro

A Church facade was used as the canvas for an outdoor video projection, as the backdrop for an outdoor music festival. The impressive illusion of the bricks flying, transforming and evolving into 3D blooming flowers, growing vines, a glowing jukebox, and waterfalls was created with Mettle FreeForm Pro, our mesh warp/displacement mapping plugin for After Effects.

The larger-than-life art show started from a detailed digital photo of the church facade. Dominic Pons used it as a starting point to build an animation created entirely in After Effects, that would fit perfectly. All 3D animation was done with FreeForm Pro and scripts from for automation. FreeForm Pro was also used for displacement of the entire animation to create the illusion of depth and to fit snugly on the church facade.

 “Creating the 3D brick animation didn’t take me that long. Once I had masked all the bricks, the animation was a breeze. It was a combination of FreeForm Pro and scripts from for automation. I could focus on creating exactly the effects I wanted. The crowd physically reacted to the bricks flying in and out. There were lots of gasps and Oohs and awes and leaning backwards.” – Dominic Pons

Dominic Pons.


Software: After Effects + Plugins – Mettle FreeForm Pro and Trapcode plugins.

Scripts: Charles Bordenave and Lloyd Alvarez for sequence-layers and layer-random-shifter and for both Separate_Masks_in_Layers.jsx and Mask_Selection_Helper.jsx

Programming, animation and compositing:
Dominic Pons (xponentialdesign)
Phil Paulin  (sixetdeux)
Mathieu Bessette (lesproductionsb7)

Art Director + Event Organisation:
Jean Bruneau facebook

Projectors: Courtesy “Montreal en Histoire” (used at Sotchi Olympics!)

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