Gear Box by asART

Gear Box by asART

Sometimes our customers say it best: “With ShapeShifter I can save lots of time and do everything I want directly in Ae. Just simple 2D animation stuff that everyone knows how to do and ShapeShifter will do the rest for you. All I had to do was create simple shapes and animate them inside a PreComp.The user interface is easy to understand. There are endless possibilities to create dynamic and unique animations, which can’t be done so easily and quickly in any other 3D applications that I know.”


“I decided to start using ShapeShifter because it’s a really fast and powerful plugin. You can create 3D text and extruded dynamic shapes directly inside AE. Creating the same animation in other 3D programsĀ  would take much longer to complete. And it would be much more complicated to make any corrections. But the great products of Mettle are not the only thing you’ll get. There is also amazing support from Mettle which helps you to achieve the best results and have fun while you are using their products. – Abdy Shamloo, asART, Switzerland



CPU = Intel i975 Quad Core Extreme
RAM = 24GB DDR 3 / 2000
Graphics card = nVidia Quadro 5000 / 2.5 GB RAM
Mainboard = ASUS P6TD Deluxe
Harddisk = 4x SSD Harddisks | Write Speed = 500MB/s | Read speed = 550MB/s
Software OS: Microsoft Windows VISTA 64 bit

Abdy Shamloo is a Swiss-based designer who enjoys creating motion graphics, visual effects and 3D models & animations. He started doing graphics with Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator 16 years ago. In 2009 he began creating motion graphics in After Effects and modeling 3DĀ  objects in Autodesk 3D Studio max.

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