CFDA Fashion Awards 2015 | Title Sequence | FreeForm Pro

CFDA Fashion Awards 2015 | Title Sequence | FreeForm Pro

Harry Martis’ trademark glitchy style and tasty effects are all over this sequence for CFDA Fashion Awards 2015. Harry did the motion graphics/editing on this sequence for Director Barnaby Roper. He used After Effects with FreeForm Pro, along with Javascript & Python. The latest version of FreeForm Pro lets you easily transform your video footage into an array of Primitives (3D shapes). It’s just one of the Render options available. Harry combines a few of these different render options to get some really amazing effects.

The CFDA Fashion Awards recognize extraordinary design excellence in: womenswear, menswear, accessories, as well as accomplishments in journalism, creative vision, and lifetime achievement.

FreeForm Pro > Primitives. Harry used FreeForm Pro > Primitives to turn his footage into 3D shapes.

There are many levels of controls in the FreeForm Pro > Primitives render option. Within that feature, an artist can add many layers of effects and animation to stylize footage.

CFDA 2015 Fashion Awards sequence

Motion Graphics Artist: Harry Martis (denial.of.service) VimeoFacebook, The Creators Project
Director: Barnaby Roper
Software: Adobe After Effects, FreeForm Pro, Javascript & Python. 

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