Adobe CC 2018 is Now Available! Includes Skybox Integration

Adobe CC 2018 is Now Available! Includes Skybox Integration

Adobe has just unveiled the latest update to its Creative Cloud – Find out more details here. We’ve prepared a list of the latest features below.

Mettle SkyBox Plugins are part of CC 2018

Adobe has completed a deep integration of SkyBox 360/VR plugins. You can now work with the SkyBox tools directly in After Effects and Premiere Pro with CC 2018. We will follow up shortly with more details on exactly how they have been integrated.

New Features Include:

  • New VR tools in Premiere Pro and After Effects (SkyBox)
  • Data Driven Animations in After Effects
  • Improvements to Essential Graphics panel and Motion Graphics Templates
  • New collaboration features in Team Projects, and Project Locking for on premise collaboration
  • Auto-Ducking in Adobe Audition CC
  • Enhancements to Adobe Character Animator CC.

Other Creative Cloud announcements:

  • New Adobe Dimensions CC (formerly Project Felix) – 3D design
  • Adobe XD CC – interactive design and app prototyping
  • All-new Lightroom CC offers 1TB of cloud storage and works across devices
  • Identify typefaces with Adobe Capture CC mobile app
  • Adobe Spark with premium features for easily creating social media content.

Change to Adobe CC version numbers:

Adobe is retiring the year version numbers from the product names. Instead of “Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018” the new versions will be referred to as “Adobe Premiere Pro CC” (etc.). There are some exceptions, such as OS-level tooltips and application file or folder names, where you will see “Adobe [Product] CC 2018.”

Adobe’s Project SonicScape lets VR film editors see sound

Of note in development at Adobe: Techcrunch article on VR Audio tools at Adobe. Kudos to Adobe and Chris Bobotis, Mettle co-founder, now Director of Immersive at Adobe, for the efforts in 360/VR audio.

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