Pokemon 360 | SkyBox Studio

Pokemon 360 | SkyBox Studio

It’s been 20 years since Pokemon was introduced, and this 360 video by Gerard Mateo (RedRiderV) commemorates that milestone. Blender and C4D were used, along with After Effects and SkyBox Studio in the production pipeline.

The 3D characters were animated in Blender by Pablo Gonco (www.gonco.es). Gerard exported those animations in OBJ sequences, and then, imported them in the After Effects 3D space using Element 3D, in a master composition previously created by the SkyBox Creator script.

Pokemon 360

The backgrounds for each sequence were made with Element 3D also, using equirectangular HDR maps in combination with 3D geometry (the 3d modeled stadium, the earth planet, the surface of the sea etc) and, in some cases, with particles from Trapcode Particular for example to create the large cloudscape in the sky sequence.

Says Gerard, “I used the SkyBox Creator script to generate the master comps for every plane in the project from the previz phase, helping to construct the viewing experience. In these master comps I composed all the elements for every plane in conjunction with other tools like Particular or Element 3D. It’s amazing – the good synergy that all these tools have together! The Camera Control option was really invaluable to animate the camera. Another essential characteristic of the SkyBox Creator was the Refresh option, it made it so easy to update any Comp with any correction when needed.”

Making of the Models: Pokemon 360

Gerard Mateo is a Compositor and VFX Generalist, based in Tarragona Spain, who uses his creative skills on his youtube channel RedRiderV. More info: www.gerardmateo.com

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