SkyBox Studio Version 2 | Now Available!

SkyBox Studio Version 2 | Now Available!

We are very pleased to introduce SkyBox Studio Version 2. We have designed these new 360° production workflow tools to speed up and simplify workflow. Go To SkyBox Studio V2 Product Page.

What’s new: 3 new modules that will change the way you work on Cinematic 360° production in Adobe After Effects.  We support more 360° formats. And we now offer Monoscopic and Stereoscopic support. It is a $99 upgrade from earlier versions of the plugin. If you purchased SkyBox Studio Version 1 after Nov. 8th, 2016, go through our support page to get your free upgrade.

New modules:

SkyBox Composer:
Brings View-based editing, a new faster and easier way to work in 360° in Adobe After Effects. 

SkyBox Project 2D and SkyBox Rotate Sphere
Simplify workflow, and now support Stereoscopic 1:1 Over/Under and 16:9 footage.

Updated Module:

SkyBox Creator supports more formats: Fisheye (FullDome), Cube-Map Facebook 3:2, Cube-Map Pano 2VR 3:2, Cube-Map GearVR 6:1, Equirectangular 16:9. As well as Cube Map 4:3, Sphere Map, Equirectangular 2:1.

SkyBox Studio V1 Compatibility

Yes, it’s compatible with SkyBox Studio version 1. Your project files can be opened in SkyBox Studio version 2. There will be installer downloads available in customer accounts, for SkyBox Studio Version 1 and SkyBox Studio Version 2.

If you recently purchased SkyBox Studio 1, we will honour our promise that was posted on our website. Contact us through our support page for your free upgrade.

Mettle Skybox Suite has joined Adobe.

Mettle Skybox Suite of plugins will be exclusively available as part of your Creative Cloud membership through deep, native integration with Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. Adobe Creative Cloud will offer an end to end experience for crafting rich and compelling VR/360 experiences.  

 Learn more – Adobe and Mettle VR: 360 degrees better

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