Reggie Jackson’s Garage in Virtual Reality | SkyBox Studio | SkyBox 360/VR Tools

Reggie Jackson’s Garage in Virtual Reality | SkyBox Studio | SkyBox 360/VR Tools

Light Sail VR produced a 360 experience for baseball legend Reggie Jackson that showcases his spectacular Classic Car collection, and the business he has developed around that lifelong passion. Narrated by Reggie, we get a truly immersive story about Reggie’s Garage, that explains how he got started, shows the car collection, and lets the viewer go along for a car ride with the man himself.

Shot in 360 with a 10-camera GoPro rig, all the post was done in After Effects with SkyBox Studio, and Premiere Pro with SkyBox 360/VR Tools. Thank-you Light Sail VR for including our products in your production pipeline. It must have been a great pleasure to work with such a gentleman, and get a close look at all those amazing cars!

Light Sail VR Explains the 360 Workflow

We shot this piece using a the 10 camera GoPro rig from 360Heros so that we could get an 8K resolution. We find the added resolution super sampled down to 4K helps reduce noise and gives us better colors.

Skybox Studio and the Skybox 360/VR Tools for Adobe Premiere were essential in creating this piece about Reggie Jackson and his car collection. There were three major challenges that the tools helped us overcome.

1) We wanted to show case the amazing space that is Reggie’s garage, but being filled with inanimate objects we wanted to place some motion in the space. On our scout we found these large TV screens, so we used Skybox Studio to composite in footage from the 2D interview we shot. It really helps give the scene a place to focus on, in addition to all the cool cars.

2) The hardest shot to work on was the shot where we are flying behind Reggie as he drives his ’57 Chevy down a dappled road. This was tricky because the car rigging was large to prevent damage to Reggie’s car and the reflections of the car trunk mean that simply blurring it wasn’t going to look good. Using Skybox we were able to paint out the rig and replace it with a reflection layer that mimics the hood of the car. We were able to rebuild the car a bit and deliver a much better shot. I think it turned out really nice.

3) In the editing phase, we use the Rotate Sphere plug in on nearly every shot in Adobe Premiere to make sure that the action is leading us to where we want to be looking. For example, when Reggie drives into his garage and gets out of his car and we cut to the next scene, we rotated where Reggie is on the stool so that you’d be looking in the right spot if you followed the action of the scene. It’s this technique that we’re able to help guide the audience and help make the pacing of the edit feel seamless.

“We also used Skybox Studio to paint out the tripods and clean up our shots. It’s a tool VR filmmakers just can’t live without.”

As for Hardware, we used two custom built PCs with NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti as well as a SAGER laptop with an desktop NVIDIA 980 built in. Weighs like 10 lbs, but powerful! We used Two Big Ears to do a 3D Audio mix on the piece as well (viewable via YouTube on an Android device.

Overall, we’re really proud of how the piece turned out and we loved getting to know Reggie Jackson and all the amazing cars in his collection.

Light Sail VR is a bleeding edge immersive cinema production company determined to push the boundaries of creative storytelling in Virtual Reality. They specialize in live-action Virtual Reality content with great characters and compelling narratives.

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