Watanabe-ka (渡邊課) | Concent, Inc

Watanabe-ka (渡邊課) | Concent, Inc

360 videos have become extremely popular worldwide, as creators and artists embrace the possibilities of the medium. Japanese creative team Watanabe-ka (渡邊課) has produced an astonishing 50+  360 videos for their customers, from branded content for Harley Davidson, to 360 music videos for popular musicians like “Hello Sleepwalkers“.

Watanabe-ka (渡邊課) is a part of Concent, Inc their “laboratory” division, in charge of exploring the future of communication design. For the past 3 years, they have explored different mediums, including 3D printing and VR. Mettle SkyBox 360/VR Tools are an integral part of their 360 video production pipeline.

Hello Sleepwalkers「ハーメルンはどのようにして笛を吹くのか」

Workflow: Once a concept is approved, the team goes to scout a location. They test shoot 2-3 times before the actual shoot takes place.

They use a combination of 4 different cameras, depending on the content: GoPro (360Heros Rig), Gear 360, Kodak SP360 4K, RICOH, ThetaS.

GoPro Autopano is used for stitching, and Adobe Premiere Pro with SkyBox 360/VR Tools for all the Post-production.

More 360 customer work:

Harley-Davidson Japan ✕ Gibson ✕ GLIM SPANKY「FLOWER SONG」

WEAVER「KOKO」360°動画 @“Rainbow Lounge”

【360°Video】アキレスと亀 / Hello Sleepwalkers (全天球Ver)

Awesome City Club – Lullaby for TOKYO CITY (Music Video)

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