Design a Superman Logo in After Effects with Trevor Coates: Intro & Part 2

Design a Superman Logo in After Effects with Trevor Coates: Intro & Part 2

There’s a great tutorial series from Trevor Coates, being hosted on aetuts+. In it, Trevor explains how to create and animate a 3D logo in After Effects. The logo just happens to be his version of the Superman logo, inspired by our Superman Design Challenge!

Trevor Coates Part 1


Trevor Coates Part 1

Introduction to the 5-Part Series

Nancy presents the intro to the tutorial series, where Trevor explains how to create his 3D Superman logo. Trevor walks us through his meticulous design and creative processes, where he explains the importance of research in redesigning a logo. This includes his reviews and critiques of classic Superman logos. Technically, Trevor’s comfortable working in Maya and ZBrush, but he chooses to work with ShapeShifter Ae. He’s truly inspiring, and a great teacher!


Part 2: Modeling the Superman 3D Logo with ShapeShifter AE & Variable Feather Mask

In this tutorial Trevor shows us how he sculpted the 3D logo design using ShapeShifter AE + variable feather masks. He also uses 2D filters in After Effects to create displacement maps.


Trevor Coates is an accomplished designer, and is no stranger to working with Superheroes! He’s the owner of Leapfrog Strategic Communications, in Sydney Australia, and has plenty of experience working in film and advertising. (Including: Thor, Captain America, Mission Impossible, Voda Phone, Optus, Toyota, Lexus, Coca-Cola, Foxtel, Weldon Publishing, VW, Grand Design Australia, Hopscotch, Lionsgate) as well as interactive (Unity3D – Weldon Publishing, Toyota and GroCon). Trevor is super-talented, and works in broadcast design, 3D (includes Maya and ZBrush), motion graphics and games.


Thanks Trevor!

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