(SURFACE TENSION) | Dejan Radovanovic | Mantra VR

(SURFACE TENSION) | Dejan Radovanovic | Mantra VR

Canadian Director Dejan Radovanovic, Studio UMMAGUMMA, created (Surface Tension) for the Generative Gallery, MARS Contemporary Art Center Moscow. The beautifully evolving art video is a perfect expression of Jordan Nobles’ music composition.

(Surface Tension) is a 12 minute “flat” 4k generative art video, made in After Effects with Mettle Mantra VR plugin for all the stylization FX. Mantra supports Flat, 360 Mono and Stereo Over/Under and SideBySide formats.


“From the first encounter with Mettle products, it was clear to me that the creators of this software have been thinking about utilizing it primarily from a creative side, and I think that you have succeeded in making your software the most intuitive on the market at the moment. That is for us, artists, of vital importance in the process of creation.”

– Dejan Radovanovic, Director, Studio UMMAGUMMA


DCI Digital Cinema 4K, color, stereo sound, 12:33 minutes, 2018
Director: Dejan Radovanovic
© 2018 Studio UMMAGUMMA

Music: ‘Surface Tension’ from CD ‘Surface Tension’
Composer: Jordan Nobles
Performers: Ethos Collective
Katie Rife, percussion (marimba, glockenspiel, song bells, tam tam, bass drum, cymbals); Timothy Van Cleave, percussion (vibraphone, cymbals); Samantha Fu, flute; Kathryn Emiko Hintersteininger, violin; Stefan Hintersteininger, cello; Chris Morano, piano; with guests Marcus Takizawa, viola; Adrian Verdejo, electric guitar; and Colin MacDonald, saxophone.
TK451 © 2017 Redshift Music

Generative Gallery , MARS Contemporary Art Center Moscow Центр МАРС, May 19 – June 19 2018.

Dejan Radovanovic is Canadian Independent Media Artist working across Film, Video Art, Animation and Sound.

As a Fine Artist in his early career he then moved to Film Production and CGI, attracted by moving images and endless possibilities of digital media. Dejan spent nine years as Art Director and Production Designer in Film & Television Production before founding his Studio in 2004.

His work is often screened through online distribution platforms (Sedition, Ikono TV, Videotheque Art Stream) and has been featured in world festivals and exhibitions such as Generative Gallery (Moscow, Russia), New York City Independent Film Festival (New York, US), Creative Tech Week (New York, US), MAPIC (Cannes, France ), CeBIT (Hannover, Germany), EXPO REAL (Munich, Germany), REAL VIENNA (Vienna, Austria), MOBILE World Congress (Barcelona, Spain) and WORLD FOOD (Moscow, Russia) among others.

Dejan-radovanovic.com   Vimeo  Twitter  Facebook  Soundcloud   Linkedin

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