SkyBox to CC 2018 – Integration Chart

SkyBox to CC 2018 – Integration Chart

As you may be aware by now, SkyBox plugins have been acquired by Adobe and integrated into Adobe CC 2018. We have prepared a chart so that you can quickly reference how the plugins have been integrated.

We would like to once again thank our customers who have been part of a pioneering 360/VR community. The much-loved SkyBox tools can now be accessed directly in CC 2018, no additional licensing required. We think that this is a great step forward for 360/VR, and all SkyBox projects can be used and supported directly by Adobe. Additional features can now be developed at the host level, making Adobe the most comprehensive and best platform for 360/VR content creation.

The integration is complete, and all customer project files can be opened directly in After Effects and Premiere Pro. There has been some renaming, so please consult the chart below.

NOTE: Adobe chose not to include the SkyBox VR Player, as they are developing their own immersive viewing system. If you want to continue using SkyBox VR Player, you can still access it through the Mettle plugins with Adobe CC 2017. When you update to CC 2018, there is an option to keep CC 2017 as well.

Please contact Adobe support directly if you have any concerns/questions about this.

Download the pdf version.

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