Patterns | Dome Short Film | Pierre Friquet

Patterns | Dome Short Film | Pierre Friquet

Patterns, is the latest Cinematic VR short film from world-renowned Director Pierre Friquet, co-created by Ando Shah (technical director). It premiered in Dome format on Sept. 13th in Montreal at SAT. Two more formats are under development: 360 video for Samsung Gear VR as well as an HTC Vive version. Inspired by the cosmology of H.P. Lovecraft, Patterns is a psychological exploration of the main character that pushes the boundaries artistically and technically in the 360/Dome medium. We are honoured that Pierre chose to use SkyBox Studio and SkyBox VR Player in Adobe After Effects in his post-production pipeline. 

Production overview

Patterns is a combination of CGI, 360 footage, photogrammetry (courtesy MATTERPORT photogrammetry camera system) and linear macro footage of chemical reactions which form the basis of the abstract patterns used throughout the film. This combination of media makes the project ideally suited for post in After Effects. Pierre used After Effects like a canvas, layering footage and applying effects to visually weave his story together. SkyBox Studio brought 360/FullDome capabilities into After Effects, facilitating the 360 and Dome content creation process. SkyBox VR Player, which connects Adobe After Effects to the Oculus Rift, made it easy for Pierre to make editing decisions in context, previewing 360 view through headset. Sound spatialization software from Sonic Emotion adds to the immersive quality of the experience. SAT hosted Pierre with their creative-in-residence program, which provides an environment for exploration and creative expression. 

Patterns – Synopsis

Patterns is a supernatural horror psychedelic experience narrating the reemergence of a repressed past.  Walter plunges into a hypnosis session to investigate why he feels dispossessed from his own body. Through memories, imagination and a recurrent nightmare he travels on a mental journey to decipher bizarre signs his own past. What Walter encounters is a family secret in the form of a monster that goes on a rampage in the sewage of his ancestral house.

Interview by Vice Québec

Shooting the macro sequences of organic chemical reactions.

Opening night, Pierre Friquet presents “Patterns” in Dome format.

I believe that linear cinema will one day be considered the prehistory of VR. For the past 700 years we have suffered under the tyranny of Renaissance aesthetics and the framed view. Now we can realize the VR dream – being inside another world, reaching an inner space and mastering reality. New tools like Skybox Studio support creators to fulfill the VR prophecy!

-Pierre Friquet, Director, Patterns

Images from the Dome version of “Patterns” opening night.

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If you’re in Montreal, here’s a link to buy tickets until Oct. 7th.

This project was supported through the SAT’s artwork creation program, is granted CNC’s development fund and is sponsored by Mettle, Matterport and Sonic Emotion.

Additional Credits:
Sound design by Jean-Yves Munch and music composition by Mourad Bennacer.
Vive version will be “gamified” and designed by Federico Saldarini.
Spatialised audio powered by Sonic Emotion.

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