Making of Michelle Obama 360 | SkyBox Studio

Making of Michelle Obama 360 | SkyBox Studio

The Verge produced an incredibly ambitious project, a 360-degree interview with Michelle Obama. This video explains their whole postproduction process: from storyboarding, to animation, to finally hitting publish. SkyBox Studio was a key part of their 360 production process.

Says Miriam Neilson, member of The Verge team, “One of my favorite parts of shooting in 360 degrees is the ability to see the whole production (even me in the corner), including everything that went into filming the video in the White House with FLOTUS. But what you can’t see is all the hard work and long hours that went into editing this piece. If you’re curious about what software we used, what our timeline looked like, the Jaunt and Total Cinema camera rigs we used, or how we even got started, check out this video of me, director Tom Connors, executive producer Tre Shallowhorn, sound engineer Andrew Marino and artistic director James Bareham.”

The Verge Video Team: Miriam Nielsen, Tom Connors, Tre Shallowhorn, Andrew Marino, James Bareham.

“Going into this (360 video) we anticipated… a much more complicated process. But really it was pretty much the same as editing a 2D process.” – The Verge Team

“It was actually super fun to put in all these graphics. It wasn’t actually that difficult to do. You’re basically still editing the same way.” – The Verge Team

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