How to Create 2D Text + Graphics + Video Pop-outs + Overlays for 360 Video | SkyBox Studio V2 | Josh Kimmis

How to Create 2D Text + Graphics + Video Pop-outs + Overlays for 360 Video | SkyBox Studio V2 | Josh Kimmis

Josh Kimmis from CV shows how to achieve creative motion graphics — like those you’ve seen in The Verge’s Michele Obama 360 video — in After Effects for the 360 space. First, he walks you through creating pop-outs which allow you to place video and images into the 360 space via Skybox Composer. Next, he fills the frame with a color overlay while being sure to apply Skybox Project 2D so that it warps correctly. Last, he shows off CV’s personal favorite graphic — the Panem Effect. (Yes, just like the Hunger Games!) Whether your a pro or a novice, placing graphics in a scene has never been easier. Check out more videos from CV’s 360 Video Tutorial playlists to learn more about their 360 workflows!

Sample 360 Video with Pop-ups.

Inspired by “Michelle Obama 360” by The Verge

Learn how to add a 2D pop-up window and text over 360 footage.

Add a  2D Video Window over 360 footage.

Create a “Panem” floating 2D video window effect.

TARGO uses a similar effect in their 360 video.

Create a graphic overlay.

Joshua Kimmis is a Content Specialist at CV North America. You can reach him on LinkedIn and by email.

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