Mettle FLUX | Getting Started in After Effects

Mettle FLUX | Getting Started in After Effects

Charles Yeager ( gives us a walk through of the FLUX for After Effects, so you can get up and running quickly. Download a free demo to follow along. You can also watch “FLUX: Getting Started in Premiere Pro”.

FLUX: 3D Volumetric Fractal Flames plugin. We have harnessed the beauty of Fractal Flames, made them 3D Volumetric, GPU accelerated, with a host of parameters. We think they’ll quickly become a part of your software toolkit for all kinds of VFX.

FLUX | Getting Started

Supports formats:

Rectilinear (Flat), 360° Monoscopic, Stereoscopic Over/Under and Side-By-Side

Preferences > Video Preview > Enable “Mercury Transmit” and “Mettle Globe Preview”.

Window > Extensions > Mettle Globe Preview. Launches dockable panel.

“FLUX Preset Panel” – apply to a Solid to create animation.

Apply FLUX to a Solid: Effect > Mettle > FLUX

Different presets available in FLUX Effect Controls Panel.

FLUX > Evolution X, Y, and Z. Create loopable animations.

Each FLUX Volume is Made of up to 5 Mutations. Each Mutation has multiple parameters to allow customisation.

FLUX > Add up to 5 lights, with multiple parameters.

Charles Yeager is a Filmmaker & Motion Graphics Artist currently residing in Arkansas. His projects have been recognized by Canon, Video Copilot, Vimeo, Filmmaker IQ, No Film School, Film Convert, BOOM Library & Filminute. See his portfolio at

Charles is the author of numerous Mettle tutorials on video post-production in After Effects and Premier Pro. You can find them in the tutorial sections on our website.

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