Coming Soon: Mettle Mantra VR – 360 Stylization & FX

Coming Soon: Mettle Mantra VR – 360 Stylization & FX

We’re proud to announce that Mantra, our Stylization plugin for After Effects and Premiere Pro that works on spherical footage, is getting closer to release date. We will be doing tech demos at Siggraph, Mettle Booth #1211, for anyone interested in getting their hands on it. A year into development, Mantra VR is our step forward into more specialized 360/VR tools for filmmakers and 360/VR content creators.

Mettle SkyBox Suite, our comprehensive workflow solution has been acquired by Adobe, and will be integrated into Creative Cloud by end of 2017. Mettle continues to develop new software tools for content creators.

What Does Mettle Mantra Do?

Mantra effects enable real-time visual effects treatments, seamlessly stitched with fluid movement that allows artists to craft dream-like visual experiences for their audiences – all in the 360 space. Each filter offers multiple controls for adjusting focal point, fluency and speed, offering almost limitless creativity. The technology includes advanced distribution systems, multipliers and a node based UX that greatly simplifies the creation of sophisticated motion, abstracted from reality. 

Mettle Mantra is a set of stylization and FX filters to transform flat and 360° footage in After Effects and Premiere Pro. An industry first, this is the next step forward in 360/VR production tools for artists and editors.

There are 15+ effects modules, ranging from digital transformation to pattern generation, fluid simulation, Escher Droste effect replication, mirroring, and more.

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