Bletchley Park 360 tour: C|NET

Bletchley Park 360 tour: C|NET

C|NET produced a 360 tour inside Bletchley Park, where the Enigma code was cracked in World War II. It includes a stop in the office of Alan Turing, and reveals how German wartime encryptions were broken. The 360 editing and post-production was done in Adobe Premiere Pro with SkyBox 360/VR Tools plugin. Many thanks to Luke Westaway and Jonathan Garnham of C|NET for this awesome 360 experience and making-of video.

Bletchley Park 360 tour: How Britain cracked Nazi Enigma

“This was a complex project that demanded a lot of post-production, and we were very happy with how the Skybox 360/VR Tools for Premiere plugin handled our footage. The ‘Project 2D’ effect in particular enabled us to craft some very cool visual effects, such as projecting a map onto the floor, or building a moving ‘cube’ out of video panels.” – Luke Westaway, Senior Editor, CNET

Jonathon Garnham and Luke Westaway at work, Bletchley Park.

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