3D Morphing Superman Logo: tutorial by Maltaannon

3D Morphing Superman Logo: tutorial by Maltaannon

There’s a great new tutorial created by Maltaannon, that shows a morphing 3D Superman logo within a cityscape. It’s done entirely in After Effects, using ShapeShifter AE.
“If I would have to make just one pick, just one solution that would allow me to quickly create 3D text and logo design, would be editable inside After Effects, had GPU acceleration for fast rendering and worked with After Effects lights and cameras – ShapeShifter would be it, because that’s what I mostly do. If it would only allow for importing 3D objects I would probably never need anything else. Who knows… Maybe in the next release.”-Maltaannon.


Check out Maltaannon’s super-informative tut!

Effects artist Jerzy Drozda Jr (aka Maltaannon) is based in Warsaw, Poland. Jerzy’s extreme creativity, razor sharp technical skills and relaxed teaching style, make him one of the top After Effects trainers in the world today.


Stock footage in tutorial courtesy of Artbeats.

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