Superman Gallery: Free Files Using ShapeShifter AE

Superman Gallery: Free Files Using ShapeShifter AE

We now have a Superman Gallery, as part of our FREE STUFF. We have been receiving lots of Superman-themed samples from ShapeShifter AE users out there! So we have created a section to showcase different Project Files, Wallpaper, Tutorials, etc. We’d love to include YOUR version of this classic logo. Contact Many thanks to our contributors.


Free Superman Project Files


Here is one example of what you’ll find in the Superman section:

Superman | Maltaannon 3D Morph

Re-imagining a classic logo entirely in After Effects using ShapeShifter AE. Chris Bobotis at mettle is responsable for the logo redesign. Maltaannon created the 3D morph. Thanks guys!
The 3D model was created using the variable feather masking feature in AE CS6 + the 3D shape morph was done using 2D filters that ship with After Effects.


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