Contorsione e Rotazione #1 by Davide Pepe

Contorsione e Rotazione #1 by Davide Pepe

This experimental piece by Artist Davide Pepe uses ShapeShifter AE to great effect. Davide works and lives in Bologna, Italy. Has been developing, filming, and producing artistic short films, music and dance videos since 1995. He also works as an editor, compositor and sound designer.


Contorsione e Rotazione #1

Davide Pepe with his sister Lucia, at work.

A still from Schrei 27, a short film that Davide collaborated on with Diamanda Galas.
Read a review: Click here.


Davide’s most recent features include:

“The Fallen Body”, an artistic documentary, commissioned by Madame Bulgari, on the installation of the Antony Gormley “Vessel” exhibition at the Galleria Continua of San Gimignano.
“Schrei 27” made in collaboration with the avant-garde musician, sound and performance artist Diamanda Galás. It was been selected for the World premiere at the London Spill Festival, at the Barbican center. And it has been screened at:
– Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, USA (February 24 and 26, 1-4pm, 2012)
– Charlottenborg gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark (April 26, 2012)
– London Meltdown 2012 curated by Antony Hegarty, UK (August 3rd, 2012)
– ULTIMA Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, Norway (September 14, 2012)


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9 thoughts on “Contorsione e Rotazione #1 by Davide Pepe

  1. Hi all guys, I was checking the page and I’ve seen all your comments.
    I feel really flattered!!!!! Thank you for your kind words!!!!



  2. Davide, this is excellent. I love the flow. The music is mesmerizing and works perfectly with the visual. Did you do the music or the visuals first?

    Nancy thanks of the post. Keep them coming.


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